There seems to be lots of wall-coating companies. How is Kenitex different?

There’s a big difference between KENITEX and paint – however good quality. The KENITEX formulation is internationally patented and applied with a unique high pressure spray-on technique. Because KENITEX is ‘sprayed to last’ it is much more economical.

Why should I spend money on a wall coating rather than a pool, new kitchen cupboards or a brick driveway? I can’t afford it all.

Sometime you need to spend in order to save it may seem worthwhile to spend the minimum on painting the exterior, but that cost is just the first of many repeats. Normally you’d have to do it every few years but the plaster, tiles and metal surfaces keep deteriorating. Kenitex Spraycoat won’t have to be renewed for up to two decades, saving you money and further exterior degradation. Kenitex is not just cosmetic, it is an investment in what is probably your biggest asset.

What about the quality of Kenitex?

Kenitex is manufactured solely by us, with every step of the process, subject to quality control.

Is Kenitex easy to clean?

Yes! Kenitex incorporates ingredients that make it anti-static and easy to clean. It stands up superbly to washing with a hose, detergent or bristle brush.

Do Kenitex color fade?

No! Kenitex contains unique non water based resins, volcanic perlite, titanium-dioxide and special colour companents to ensure long-term colour retention. Our research has shown that after 15 years’ use in the hardest conditions, colour fading averages a minimal 5%.

What preparation methods are used by Kenitex?

Only compressor-driven, pneumatic grinding or sandblasting are sufficiently powerful to adequately clean and prepare the masonry surface without damaging them –methods that are not used by others. We invest a lot in the rig and heavy duty equipment used on every job , as lesser equipment would not produce the results that have made us the number 1 coating company worldwide.

How can I be sure that the job will be done responsibly?

Because Kenitex do not subcontract any of the work, you are assured of well-trained personnel working under constraint supervision. We take particular care not to damage your property or garden.

What is Kenitex’s guarantee policy?

We do offer written guarantees up to 15 years. However, rather than be judged on a piece of paper, our records prove that many jobs lave lasted over 20 years.

How long does the work take?

Due to the high pressure spraying process, our jobs generally take a third of the time needed for normal roller or brush coating. Thus most of the money goes into the new surface you will “keep”, and not the labour cost which you won’t.

Does Kenitex only do houses?

No! Over the years Kenitex has successfully been applied to flats, office blocks, shopping malls, schools, churches, factories and even bridges.

Why should I use Kenitex in one sentence?

We are the only coating company here, now regularly spraying the houses of our first customers grandchildren.