Why Use Kenitex

  • Developed and used by the American Navy as a Second World War sea-proof coating for warships, Kenitex has been applied and improved world-wide since, in all climates on over nine million buildings.
  • It is a waterproof synthetic elastomer-polyester plasticised resin.
  • Its patented formula does not possess a carbon molecule,as do paints. It is thus chemically inert, and consequently weather and ultra violet proof for well beyond our guarantee period. It contains no water to dry out, and remains flexible.
  • It has been used country wide in South Africa since 1962, and the lifespan of thousands of applications exceed 20 years.
  • We manufacture, apply and guarantee, and do not use sub-contractors.

Our Solution In Summary

  • Any damp damaged plaster and brick will be replaced with “dam wall” plaster.
  • We will apply our patented undercoat which seeps into the plaster to a depth of 2mm and which stabilizes the plaster.
  • Kenitex (also patented) is a plastic which is impervious to weather.
  • It will be pressure blasted, penetrating the plaster to a depth of at least 1mm. Thus the plaster surface and the Kenitex become one integral skin.
  • This prevents peeling and most cracking indefinitely.


Our standard guarantee is 10 or 15 years depending on the application.  However, 4 decades of experience in South Africa allows us to predict a lifespan of 20 years or more.