Kenitex Spraycoat is a Unique, Textured Coating:

Kenitex Spraycoat is a unique, textured coating that comes from the world’s largest manufacturer of textured coating systems.
This product is specifically made to protect and decorate concrete, masonry and metal surfaces. The application of this coating is done via a specially designed compressor-driven pump and gun – this allows for maximum cohesion, uniformity of texture and controlled thickness.
As it is an osmotic membrane, it will allow the surface to breath but will not allow the likes of rain to penetrate the exterior.
The benefits of using Kenitex Spraycoat are immense, as the product is guaranteed not to chip, flake or peel.
It also saves you money as it boasts a long lifecycle, which means that you will not have to constantly re-paint. High amounts of vibration are also dealt with, while it has fire retardant properties and is also an excellent anti-corrosive coating.
The coating retains its colour and prevents the growth of fungi or mildew due to the chemical components used within, and it is also highly durable which means it can withstand normal building expansion and contraction.
Try Kenitex Spraycoat today and you will soon see why it has become the preferred textured coating for clients across the globe.