Our reference include Iscor, S.A. Breweries, Toyota S.A., Embassies and Hospitals,

Buildings protected by Kenitex included the White House in Washington, Rio’s Christ and the Stone Heads on Easter Island.

What’s Not Perceived

Quotes are ultimately words and cannot convey the factual reality of how a job is done and its potential to last.  We have transformed tens of thousands of buildings with exemplary work.  We can do the same for you.

“My reason for selecting Kenitex was because I felt that the coating was of the best technical standard and quality”.
Dr R.G. Paton: Consulting Engineer
“My home was Kenitexed 15 years ago and still looks good”.
Mr J.H.W. Clark - Newlands
“It was a great pleasure having your workers on our property. I would be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone”.
Mr N.G Constantinides - Bedfordview

Some examples of our spraycoats exceptional longevity

“The work done 23 years ago looks as good as new”.
Gloria Evans, Mondeor
Kenitex Coatings lasted me 20 years
Mrs J. Smal
Kenitex Coatings lasted me 30 years
Paul Monk, Emmarentia
Kenitex Coatings lasted me 31 years
G. Chiapasco, Sydenham
Kenitex Coatings lasted me 37 years
Mrs. Casoni, Kensington
Kenitex Coatings lasted me 35 years
Rob Boudenet, Central City


G.A.Pilkington – Bordeaux

“What a pleasure! Your team work so well together. They were so professional and organised !! Everybody appeared to know exactly what their own job was and just got on with it. There was no debate or ongoing about anything. The best part was the way they tidied up afterwards. Even raking leaves, washing windows!! This was well worth it. Thank you Petrus and team.”