More about Kenitex Spraycoat


Is a unique, textured coating developed by the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of textured coating systems, specifically for the protection and decorating of concrete, masonry and metal surfaces.


Is high pressure applied through a specially designed, compressor-driven pump and gun, ensuring maximum cohesion, uniformity of texture and controlled thickness equal to approximately 20 coats of paint. It is an osmotic membrane allowing the wall surface to breathe, but preventing exterior rain penetration.

Kenitex Spraycoat

  • Is guaranteed against chipping, flaking or peeling.
  • Has long-life qualities that make it the economical choice, when you consider the real cost of repeatedly re-painting.
  • Gives a uniform appearance to the building which have been altered or extended and hides structural defects.
  • Absorbs a high degree of vibrations caused by noise and has fire retardant properties.
  • Has a highly durable synthetic elastometer polyester base which gives the coating its flexibility and resistance to normal building expansion and contraction.
  • Its chemical components ensure long-term colour retention and discourage the growth of fungi/ mildew.
  • Contains only inert mineral substances, making it an excellent anti-corrosive coating.
  • Is available in 25 basic colours that can be mixed to create variants to satisfy your needs.

A dreamcoat for all occasions

The Kenitex product range has been expanded to include a choice of uniquely formulated, cost effective coatings to suit every requirement – outside and inside.

KENITEX Spraycoat

The flagship of the Kenitex product range, this is the original premium long-life wall coating.

Flexible, uniquely textured, developed specifically for the protection and decoration of external surfaces.

Kenitex rights are granted subject to strict international controls. The owners of Kenitex patent rights in South Africa have fully complied with these stringent requirements.


High-quality roll-on pant similar to many of the paints described as a ‘wall coating’ by some other manufacturers. A lower-cost, value-for-money alternative to SPRAYCOAT.

KENITEX Roofcoat

Essentially the same product as SPRAYCOAT, with additional properties designed to withstand the intense ultraviolet radiation to which South African roofs, both tiled and metal, are exposed to.

KENITEX Scratchcoat

Also known as Keniplaz wall coating. A stylish, decorative, top quality ‘scratch plaster’.

Kenitex Scratchcoat is troweled on, the finished result has a modern three-dimensional effect with exceptional “cosmetic” properties.


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