Rising Damp

  • All damp damaged plaster as well as any crumbling brick will be stripped to a height above the damp, and this rubble will be removed.
  • A special plaster mix specified to that used for dam walls, is then applied to match the existing plaster.
  • It was used to plaster the American Air Force Base in Alaska in the 1960’s and is still sound.
  • This mix contains chemicals imported from the U.K. or Germany (which have severe damp problems), and it will indefinitely withstand a subterranean water column spurting at pressure from the ground to a height of 3 meters.
  • If interior walls are replastered, carpets will be covered. It may be necessary for you to subsequently dry clean them.
  • We do not drill holes into the foundation and pump in silicone due to the potential to cause internal damage, and the inability to monitor the results.
  • Internal painting work is excluded


If any parapets are not already waterproofed then all parapets will be treated as follows:

  • A first coat of our high density waterproofing slurry will be block-brushed on.
  • Then a non-woven reinforcing material going over the tops and overlapping the sides will be embedded in the slurry
  • A further topcoat of waterproofing slurry will be applied.