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Still the international formula for success

For the past 56 years, in 38 countries, the original internationally patented

Kenitex Wall Coating has been used with confidence

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Kenitex is the most used, most proven guaranteed coating worldwide.

From the statue of Christ on Sugarloaf Mountain to our Parliament, Kenitex Wall Coating is the most used, most proven guaranteed coating worldwide.

Kenitex has passed the most stringent international quality-control tests. It has proven itself in the most extreme conditions – from the sub-zero temperatures of Canada and Finland to the scorching sun of Mexico and South Africa – withstanding the assault of weather extremes, salt spray and driving rain.

Despite the host of competitive claims, Kenitex wall coating is still the first choice of architects, property developers and home owners who know that an investment in Kenitex will pay dividends for decades. Its unique formulation and high pressure spray-on technique guarantee that it will stay looking good for longer than any other product.

PLUS…quality additions to the Kenitex range ensure that there is a specialist Kenitex product for every application and surface – outside and inside.

About Us

Developed by American navy scientists in World War 2, to withstand corrosive sea water, it has unbeatable strength and flexibility. Its resins remain stable and cannot be diluted as they cannot mix with water. They are plastics, being elastomer polymer, akin to fibre-glass resin and Kenplaz10.

Fibre-glass resin has remained the ideal outdoor coating, just think of ocean going yachts, swimming pools and roof sheeting. Our patented Keniplaz10 does not have a carbon molecule, which is causative in the decay rate of organic matter. The result is a lengthy lifespan, not achievable by water-based paints. All other exterior paints are formulated to mix with water. This allows rain to soak into plaster surfaces causing continuing deterioration, unlike Kenitex which keeps the rain out.

Having issued and serviced half a million guarantees in over half a century, we believe Kenitex can proudly say that no other coating company can claim anywhere near our record.