Why Kenitex Is the Most Used, Most Proven Guaranteed Coating:

When it comes to coating, Kenitex is the most used, most proven guaranteed coating in the world.
This may sound like a bold statement, but for 52 years Kenitex has been used in 38 countries across the globe.
It has been applied to walls of homes, hospitals, hotels and even the statue of Christ on the world-famous Sugarloaf Mountain.
This unrivaled quality comes due to committed excellence from our experienced team, while Kenitex passes the most stringent international quality-control tests.
This global use has allowed Kenitex to be put through the paces in even the most extreme conditions, from freezing temperatures in Canada, to the harsh coastal conditions in Cape Town and Durban.
The highly durable synthetic elastometer polyester base is what provides superior flexibility and resistance to normal building expansion and contraction.
As the first-choice, guaranteed coating, Kenitex will not chip, flake or peel, while it also boasts an incredibly long life cycle.
It is also available in 25 colours, that can be mixed to create even more options, and also has inert mineral substances that make it anti-corrosive.
Find out more about why Kenitex is the most used, most proven guaranteed coating worldwide by talking to an expert consultant today.